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Terms & Conditions for UFM100.3 prize winners:

  1. Participants should not have won any prizes from UFM100.3 in the past 30 days. In the event that the prize winner is a past winner within the stipulated period, only the earliest prize won will be honored.
  2. Upon receiving a call/notification from the DJ, winners will receive a Whatsapp message within 30 days for the station to verify the winner's name, contact number and email address for prize collection.
  3. Prizes can only be collected on fixed dates and periods in order to ensure that the prizes are ready for prize winners' collection. This is to prevent any wasted trips for all prize
  4. Prizes left unclaimed after the stipulated date will be forfeited automatically.
  5. In the event that the prize winner cannot make it on the fixed collection dates, please await the next prize collection session or provide a letter of authorization and a photocopy of the prize winner's NRIC to the person who is collecting in on your
  6. Prizes are non transferable and are not exchangeable for cash.
  7. Prize winner(s) have to reside in Singapore and hold valid passport(s) and travel visa requirements.
  8. UFM100.3 reserves the right to revoke prizes if the winner does not meet any or all eligibility requirements, even though an announcement may have been made on air indicating that person was the winner.
  9. UFM100.3 reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal value, or end the contest at an earlier date. UFM100.3 will not be held responsible' for any unforeseen cancellation or delay of concerts/events caused by weather, promoter or performer. The station's decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  10. These rules are subject to change without notice.

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